“Our Arts, Our Civilization” Exhibition Cairo, Egypt 2013

“Our Arts, Our Civilization” Exhibition Cairo, Egypt 2013

The first exhibition of Life Makers for Arts and Culture, in cooperation with Al-Ahram Foundation, on July 11, 2013

The exhibition was held in the Al-Ahram Arts Hall, which was designed by the largest French expert houses. The Al-Ahram art gallery is the largest in Egypt, with an area of ​​more than 700 square meters. It is also equipped with a visual showroom. This exhibition is the first exhibition that Al-Ahram receives from abroad. 

The exhibition includes 145 artists representing all artistic spectrums and trends in various artistic fields, such as: photography, sculpture, ceramics, photography, the art of “origami” paper folding, and traditional costumes.

The art exhibition was inaugurated by Professor Mamdouh El-Wali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahram Foundation, Dr. Amr Khaled, Founder of the Life Makers Foundation, Dr. Mohamed Yehia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Life Makers Foundation, Dr. Venus Fouad, the Foundation’s Cultural Advisor, and Dr. Hamdi Abul-Maaty, Head of the Plastic Artists Syndicate.

Critic Dr. Venus Fouad, General Commissar and Cultural Adviser to the Foundation, says that choosing the name “Our Arts… Our Civilization” came from the belief that getting to know the features of civilizations always begins with getting to know their arts, given that the Egyptian civilization is the oldest and rarest civilization in terms of the ability to confront intellectual and cultural colonialism The accompanying activities aim to create new peaceful ways to express ideas and emotions, discover new artistic talents that support the cultural movement, encourage the principle of cultural integration between the different groups of society (rural and urban), and prove that the arts are an open invitation to coexistence and societal harmony, as well as a constructive criticism of the negative aspects of society and its conditions. In addition to being an important developmental means for young people to occupy their spare time in a positive and effective way, the accompanying activities also aim to shed light on the role of arts in community development, highlighting the most important features of the Egyptian identity, and marketing internal and external tourism.